Why You May Gain Weight after Bariatric Procedures

There are many different types of bariatric surgery out there now, all of which are designed to help people lose weight and address associated health conditions. Experts have calculated that the average weight loss in people after this type of surgery is 80% of their excess weight. This is interesting, because those who have had successful bariatric surgery tend to have a BMI in a healthy range. So how come it isn’t 100%? Because around 15% of people start to regain weight around two years after their procedure.

Why Do People Gain Weight After Bariatric Surgery?

The main reason as to why people regain weight after bariatric surgery is because they overeat. Unfortunately, if the stomach is filled with slight too much food again and again, it stretches and starts to hold more food again. In other words, they simply do what they did before that caused them to be overweight in the first place. It is for this reason that surgeons will first check whether people are mentally prepared to make lifestyle changes, and why it is so important that you stick with your nutritionist and dietician aftercare program, following their advice.

The second reason is that people may not eat too much in quantity of food, but that they eat too many calories. You can have small bites of foods that are full in calories, for instance. Your nutritionist will teach you about good food combinations and the importance of proper nutrition, which should help you avoid this.

A lot of people also have negative eating habits, and this can cause further weigh gain. You must be ready to change the relationship you have with food. Following your surgeon’s advice should help you to avoid this.

Proper Eating Habits

  • Always eat slowly.
  • Stop when you feel full.
  • Eat small quantities and chew properly before swallowing. This isn’t just for weight loss, but also because large food pieces can cause blockages.
  • Don’t drink while eating. This is because it will make your stomach empty quicker, leaving you feeling hungry again. Stop drinking half an hour before your meal, and wait an hour for your next drink.
  • Make sure you drink plenty during the day. At least eight cups of water are required.
  • Watch out for ‘dumping syndrome’, which can be caused by high sugar or high fat foods. These foods are also more likely to make you feel nauseous and can cause pain. More reasons to avoid them, in other words!

The above tips should have been provided to you by your bariatric surgeon as well. Yet, despite this and the fact that people are psychologically assessed to make sure they can stick to these tips, a lot of patients still struggle. Try to think about how you will feel if, after all the pain, money, and difficulties you have gone through, you end up back where you started. This may be enough to help you to really change your habits. And make sure you speak to your surgeon if you feel you are failing.

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