What You Can Learn at Academie Frontenac in Montreal?

Académie Frontenac MMA Montreal is a gym where people of all skill levels can learn martial arts for self defense or to practice martial arts as a form of fitness training.  They offer a wide variety of disciplines to satisfy anyone’s interest no matter the particular goal.


Boxing has been around for several thousand years.  It may be the oldest sport still in existence today and is truly among the most popular across the globe.  While this sport has been popular in Europe and the United States over the past several hundred years, versions of pugilism show up in countless ancient cultures as well. It may be the world’s oldest form of one-on-one, physical, athletic competition.


Muay Thai is a cultural martial art believed to have been developed over several centuries as tribes from China migrated south through other parts of Asia—including Burma, Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam—as a form of self defense.  The philosophy behind this art is that the hands, feet, elbows, shins, and knees mimic different weapons.


The history of kick boxing can be traced back to Thailand, probably to the same origins as Muay Thai.  While they may share similar roots, though, kick boxing is very different from Muay Thai as it more closely resembles boxing with the addition of kicks (perhaps more resembling Karate—from Japan—and Tae Kwon Do—from Korea—than Thai boxing).


More commonly known as “judo” today, this ancient Japanese martial art form emphasizes shifting of weight to take down an opponent and use ground grappling to immobilize.  It favors grappling over striking.  Its name breaks down into “Jiu” which can mean “gentle, supple, flexible, soft, yielding, or pliable,” and “Jutsu” which can mean “art” or “technique”.  Indeed, jiu jitsu involves graceful takedowns to disarm an opponent.


This is one of the more modern martial arts; its name translates from the Japanese as “the way of unifying [with] life energy” or “way of harmonious spirit”.  Developed by Morihei Ueshiba, the goal was to create an art which would provide defense techniques while also protecting the attacker from injury.  Basically, this is an art form whose strategy is to immobile and disarm instead of damage.


Developed as a self-defense system for the Israeli Defense Forces, this art involves a varying combination of techniques pulled from boxing, wrestling, judo, and aikido.  While traditional [Asian] martial arts tend to focus on techniques, Krav Maga is intended for real-world situations with attacks that are brutal and efficient.

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