What to Consider Before Getting Bunion Removal Surgery

A bunion can cause you discomfort and drain the joy out of your life especially if you keep having constant pain. While some cases can be treated through taking pain medication, bunion pads and wearing orthotics or suitable footwear, severe cases might require surgery. Surgery may be the only way to correct a bunion and prevent it from further development. Here are things to consider before having a bunion removal surgery.

Are you the right candidate?

Not every case though requires surgery; there are a few instances that make you an ideal candidate for bunion removal surgery. For example, if you can’t walk for long without suffering a severe foot pain or if your big toe is still painful and swollen even after using alternative methods of treatment, then you may need surgery. If your big toe cannot bend or straighten itself due to pain and the pain prohibits you from your normal routine, you are also a good candidate to have surgery.

Degree of discomfort and pain

If your bunion is causing you excruciating pain and discomfort even after taking pain medication or other kinds of treatments have failed, then it might be time to get surgery so that you ease the discomfort and go back to your normal routine. Extreme pain can impair your normal day-to-day functions meaning you may not be able to go to work.


Your age is something to consider because it is much more likely for a bunion to recur to a person of young age even after surgery as compared to an older person. This is the reason why bunion surgery in children is often delayed.

The expectation from a surgery

Bunion surgeries tend to have a 85 percent success rate and do not completely guarantee that your foot will be back to normal straight or pain free. The outcome of the surgery depends on your surgeon’s experience and your ability to rest after the surgery is done.

Your occupation or lifestyle

The surgery is not applicable to everyone especially to those whose occupation involve the use of the front region of the leg. This is because bunion surgery can make your toes less flexible thus prohibiting you from performing your duties or activities.

Medical history and health

Some people’s general health don’t allow them to have bunion surgery such as diabetic patients. These who would develop wound healing problems or infections due to their weakened immune system and its inability to work as quickly as required. You should check into your medical history as well before committing yourself to surgery.

Bad foot care can cause a lot of damages to you especially because your feet are responsible and significant to your ability to move from place to place. You should avoid putting yourself at risk of a bunion majorly by wearing shoes that are comfortable and allow for toe room. If you already have a bunion issue do not suffer in silence; seek treatment for your problem. A Beverly Hills bunion removal helps you rid of the problems associated with a bunion condition.

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