What Is the Invisalign Teeth Straightening Process?

If you are worried about the look of metal braces for straightening your teeth, then you have an alternative. The innovative way to straighten teeth today comes in the form of invisible braces. This tooth straightening option allows you to keep smiling all the way through the treatment process.

Dental professionals use a series of clear and custom-made removable aligners to gradually straighten the teeth. This form of straightening is so discreet that the appliances that are worn are hardly noticeable. Invisible braces of this type are recommended for both teens and adults.

The Benefits of Using Invisible Appliances

While straightening the teeth inconspicuously is indeed an attractive idea, using invisible aligners offers other benefits as well. The aligners are removable, which means that you can eat foods or consume beverages and brush your teeth more easily. You can also use floss without the worry that it will tear or snag.

The Comfortable Way to Straighten Teeth

Plus, the aligners are comfortable. You don’t have to deal with metal wires or brackets, both of which can cause mouth irritation. Adjustments are made in less time as well. Also, opting for Invisalign braces in Melbourne permits you to find out, before treatment begins, the prospective outcome of the therapy.

That is because this type of teeth straightening process uses 3-D computer imaging to show the entire treatment plan. In turn, a series of customised aligners are produced. Each aligner is made to move teeth for about two weeks before the next aligner takes its place. This step-by-step process continues until the desired results are achieved.

How the Aligners Look

Aligners are made of a strong and medical-grade plastic that is difficult to see when it is worn. The aligners look like clear tooth-whitening trays but are specially made to fit securely on the teeth. Some orthodontists compare the aligners with contact lenses, with the only difference being that they are intended for the teeth rather than the eyes.


How Long It Takes

Treatment using this aesthetic approach in dentistry can span anywhere from six months to as long as two years, depending on a patient’s straightening needs. Usually, the median treatment time lasts just over a year, or about 14 months.

Schedule a Consultation

In order to see if you are a good candidate for Invisalign treatment, you need to make an appointment with your local orthodontist – someone who specialises in Invisalign straightening. People who have minor bite problems or whose teeth could benefit from minor or moderate straightening are often good candidates for this therapy.

If you have a major bite problem or your teeth need to be straightened using braces, then your dentist will discuss the various treatment plans that use metal or ceramic braces. Potential surgical techniques are also discussed if your orthodontic treatment will involve more advanced measures.

However, with that being said, if you are an adult or teen who simply wants to improve upon your smile, or you know your teeth could benefit aesthetically from a straightening, then you need to schedule an Invisalign appointment. Make sure to review all your options with the dental professional. If you can straighten your teeth without much notice, then the Invisalign mode of therapy is a no-excuse approach for improving your smile.

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