Ways to Keep your Vagina Tight

At some time at a woman’s life, she will struggle with vaginal tightening issues. Typically, a vagina can end up getting loose because of childbirth, ageing, sedentary lifestyle or insertion of large objects. This article allows you to learn the troubles with emerge because of having a loose vagina.

Effectives of Loose Vagina

Women know the fact that men enjoy a tight vagina since this provides an improved sensation of penetration. This is the reason a lot of men are attracted to young girls in their early twenties since these women tend to have tighter vagina. Thus, a woman with a loose vagina can experience a state of depression. Another problem a woman can face if she has a loose vagina can have a lack of libido that will influence a relationship. In fact, this problem can even end a relationship.

How to Tighten a Vagina

Normally, there are three famous ways for tightening a vagina or restoring its original youth and feeling. Vaginoplasty is a common option. Another method is through kegels exercise. The last option is using natural vaginal tightening creams. The following is a discussion of these options.

Tighten a Vagina

  • Vagina Tightening Creams– These products are made from natural herbs that have abundant skin tightening natural ingredients. Users use these products on the vaginal fifteen to twenty minutes before sexual intercourse. They are said to tighten the vaginal by 30 percent thus enhancing the sensation of penetration for the partners. As the creams do not have undesirable side effects, and their usage helps in improving vagina tightening, many users have continued to use them these days.
  • Surgery– A vaginal surgery is the shortest way to get a tighter vagina. However, it can cost a significant amount of money. This is the reason not everybody prefer this option. Also, some reports revealed that some surgical procedures to tighten the vagina did not turn out well and that patients lost even more feeling and the tightening was just temporary. Certainly, any plastic surgery comes with risks so it pays to choose the best surgeon who will carry out the procedure.

vaginal surgery

  • Kegel exercises– These are exercises which can be done at home. These can include workouts that can be done while sitting in a chair at one’s work desk. There are plenty of information on kegel exercises over the web and even dilators and tools that can be used alongside these exercises. Kegels are help in strengthening the vaginal walls and restoring elasticity by increasing the normal flow of blood.


Considering the three options discussed above, it seems that kegels seem to be a better pick since they are less costly and safer to do. In case the methods will not work, you can talk to a gynecologist to get a better suggestion especially in terms of finding a good surgeon. In the majority of cases, kegels and creams will work; however, in rare occasions some women may need more work because of some reasons like intense child birth, the biology of their body and age.

vaginal Kegel exercises

Author Bio : Dr. Pallavi Sharma is a renowned plastic surgeon. His specialization includes vaginoplasty, a vaginal tightening procedure.

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