Walk to Remember and Stay in Shape

Are you looking for a health blog to lose weight and are expecting some simple trick? Seriously?

Well, if your answer is yes, you have come to the right place, that is if you didn’t get intimated by the tone of the question. Losing weight can actually be as simple and effortless as gaining weight is and shush, here goes the trick:


Confused? Hard to believe? Can walking seriously help you lose weight? It may seem like wishful thinking but walking is the best and simplest way to lose and maintain body weight and fitness. What more, it can work wonders for you without:

  • Doing boring and dull exercises
  • Compromising on your relaxing time
  • Following diets and giving up on your favourite foods
  • Using heavy equipment
  • Paying loads for Gym and fitness centres

What? When? How?

Ignoring the “How” part of the basic questions, since you have already made your whole family go gaga in your childhood with the first step you took, walking is biologically a voluntary action, but is so basic that it can be carried out as tool to lose weight practically at any time of the day, or even night if you are a nocturnal. All you have to do is to walk for approximately 45 minutes on an average, every day. It’s best to do in the morning as that will help you gain the benefits of fresh morning air as well; however, timing is really not an issue when it comes to walking your way to a healthy body.

How much time will it take to acquire a healthy body?

In the process and obsession of losing weight, people often forget about achieving a healthy body which results in them taking extreme measures like anorexia. Why I’m talking about this is because walking ensures a speedy healthy body over weight loss. While you should be able to see weight loss within one month of its practice every day, it’s also dependent on other factors like the number of calories you are consuming, body metabolism, average walking time, etc. However, if you want faster results, do not worry, for there are simple things that can be added to your daily walking routine. Apart from the obvious of avoiding oily food and such, you can either choose one or a mix of these things:

  • 50 reps of skipping with at least sets of 10
  • 1-2 km of running
  • 15-20 minutes of exercise, consisting of jumps, squats, etc
  • 10 rounds each of going up and down the stairs

Other Benefits of Walking

As mentioned earlier, walking comes with a win-win deal of an overall healthy body in addition to weight loss goal, thanks to it working the whole body. On top of that, the practice to walk can come with numerous other health benefits while you are just having a good time, listening to music and walking on your terrace or a nearby park. Some of the attractive benefits are:

  • Results in toned legs by shaping calf and thigh muscles
  • Helps greatly with digestion, leading to flat tummy
  • Reduces risks of heart and cardiovascular problems
  • Increases blood flow, thus helping to build immunity
  • Nullifies problems subjected to obesity

Little efforts can lead to great changes, so must you have heard, and that’s exactly what we want to convey through this health blog. You must have stressed over your ever-growing weight and tried many things. But if this simple trick can resolve your weight problem along with giving you a healthy body, it’s totally worth a try! And if you do try this method, don’t forget to put down your comment and feedback down below. Cheers!

Author Box – Mark Farley is a fitness enthusiast who enlightens you about the various benefits that daily walking could fetch. He, at the same time, advises to be picky when it comes to follow information from a quality health blog.

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