Try Vaping by Purchasing an E-Cigarette Starter Kit

If you are concerned about your health and are thinking of switching from tobacco cigarettes to electronic ones to help you quit, you can get everything you need to start vaping in a starter kit. Although you can buy the items you need separately, buying a starter kit will help you save money. Most e-cigarette companies sell more than one type of starter kit for new vapers.

Disposable Starter Kits

If you want to try vaping without investing a lot of money, a disposable starter kit is an inexpensive way to try out e-cigarettes. Most disposable kits only have one e-cigarette in each package, but it is typically equivalent to buying a pack of 20 tobacco cigarettes. A disposable e-cigarette can be used right out of the package, so you don’t need to charge it or add e-juice to vape.

Smaller Starter Kits

Many manufacturers of electronic cigarettes sell small e-cig kits to help you get started vaping at a minimal price. They usually include the e-cig device, a battery, a USB charger, and a cartridge of e-juice. Before you can start vaping with this type of kit, you need to plug in the device to charge it.

Depending on the company, some of these smaller kits may include a bottle of e-juice so you can refill the cartridge yourself. Learning how to refill cartridges will save you hundreds of pounds a year as bottles of e-juice provide more smokes than cartridges. When you order e-cigs in Australia that include bottled e-juice, you get to select the flavour you want to try.

Twin Starter Kits

Some electronic cigarette companies offer twin starter kits with two e-cig devices, two e-juice cartridges or bottles, and a battery for each vaping device. These kits may also include a USB charger and a wall adapter with which to charge the e-cigs. Along with your choice of e-juice flavours, you also can pick the nicotine level you want. You can also buy similar kits with only one vaping device, battery, and bottle or cartridge of e-juice.

E-Cig Mod Kits

If you’ve been vaping for a while, you may want to try an e-cig mod, which is a vaping device that isn’t operated by a switch, regulator, or microchip. Instead, it is activated mechanically and is powered by a battery. There are batteries of varying sizes, from 15W to 200W, used in mods.


Mods are available in kits and include the vaping device, a battery or batteries depending on the device, an e-juice tank, and a bottle of e-juice. Mod vaping devices have varying activation levels including soft, standard, and powerful.

Whether you’re interested in vaping as a smoking cessation method or want to use e-cigarettes to continue a habit you enjoy, you will find a wide variety of vaping devices on the market. Purchasing a starter kit is a great way to start vaping as kits come with everything you will need. Buying a kit will save you money because otherwise you would need to buy the battery, e-juice, and the vaping device separately.

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