Transform Theory: Drop Fat, Gain Muscle, and Stay Fit all Year Long

Obesity is an issue most of the men and women have to deal with across the globe, especially, once they cross the middle age. Most of the diet programs that exist may focus more on losing weight than staying fit. But, there is one weight loss program that focuses on a healthy diet, getting a healthy physique, and works on eating strategies that help keep the body fluid even during the process of weight loss.

 The process of losing weight can also make a person feel weak and sapless for a while. But, this weight loss theory helps the body retain its strength such that metabolism is increased. For people of all the ages, this program is beneficial as it helps build muscles even at an older age. Therefore, you can see that age is no bar when it comes to follow diet and exercise strategies given in this program.

How this program works on muscles and fat

  • The mass of fat and the mass of muscle is measured differently
  • When you start this program you must focus on consuming lesser calories
  • Losing 2400 calories per day is ideally suited to losing fat mass
  • Once the fat mass starts to lose, the focus can be shifted to the gain of the muscle mass
  • Muscle training is vital regardless of having a good diet
  • Good diet alone cannot give sturdy muscles
  • You can grow fat into muscles by learning a technique of releasing growth hormone
  • Muscle exercises are not pain free, hence exercises to alleviate joint pain are a must
  • Weight lifting most certainly burns fat
  • The work out recommended here is three day per week instead of a weeklong work out

Addresses myth about fat burning and muscle gain

Most of the diet programs do not focus on muscle strengthening. The Old School New Body is a unique fat burning program that addresses all the myths and fallacies that people have about losing weight and gaining muscle. It explains in detail how insulin reacts to weight loss, how frequently meals should be consumed in order to lose weight.

People usually avoid meals a few times thinking it causes weight loss. But, the fact of the matter is that, meals are recommended to be consumed 5 to 6 times a day when following this fat burning program. Also, advice on the consumption of alcohol during the fat burning program is given is explained.

All the advice, Q&A regarding fat burning is given in this program. You can learn what to eat in order to lose weight and continue the same diet even post fat loss. Many tips on fat loss, especially for aging people are guided through this program.


 You will also get to hear from fitness professionals’ audio reviews and advice on gaining muscle while losing weight. The steps to follow fat loss in three stages are easy to follow even for a beginner.

Author’s Bio:- Chris Johnson has written many articles, explaining about how you can preserve your youth by doing the right kind of workouts, and by maintaining proper diet. Please feel free to visit their website to check out the review on the most successful body shaping system, Old School New Body.

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