Things to know about Ibogaine Treatment

Still not legal in most parts of the world, ibogaine is an effective cure for addiction, acute depression, detox, and for psycho-spiritual treatments. It is still a matter of debate that why the ibogaine treatment is not getting legalized across the majority countries of the western world where every year millions of addicts need an effective cure in their rehab to help them cure and get them back to the normal life.

Ibogaine, the herbal supplements from the West African jungles have shown its effects of quick cure since 1960. But for its hallucinating consequences, most countries across the globe including the US, UK, Canada, different European countries are not sanctioning the credibility of the herb-Iboga.

But, those who want to get rid of the drug addictions such as heroin, LSD, mushrooms, cocaine etc can travel to those countries where ibogaine is legal and the government permits the healing with the herb supplements offered by the licensed rehab centers.

Highlights on the Ibogaine treatment—

  • The treatment is successfully experimented and many individuals suffering from addictions have effectively overcome from the slavery of the substance.
  • The treatment is not accredited by the FDA.
  • People undergoing psycho spiritual treatments are helped by the supplements
  • Ibogaine treatment heals people suffering from acute depression such as PTSD (Posttraumatic stress disorder). This is a condition of acute trauma that affects people after any fatal accident, terrorism, sexual assaults, and deaths.


  • It is highly recommended to undergo proper medical checkup before opting for the treatment.

What is ibogaine treatment?

It is a treatment that is undergone by injecting the full dose of Iboga which is totally alkaloid or ibogaine hydrochloride to interrupt the addiction pattern of individuals without any kind of withdrawal symptoms. Sometimes, depending on the condition a dose is given to individuals by mixing both properties in a capsule. The ibogaine doses for those suffering from terrible depression for trauma or other psycho spiritual conditions are also given by studying and understanding the condition of the individuals.

Steps to the treatment- In a nutshell—

  • First of all, the addicts are asked whether they are totally convinced to undergo the treatment or not. Usually, the rehab centers don’t allow the patients that are sent to them by the families forcefully. According to the ibogaine treatment centers, the patients have to feel that urge of recovering from the dungeon. Without that urge in the addicts, the rehab center doesn’t allow the treatment.
  • The patients are kept under the expert supervision. They are offered with any kind of medical emergencies instantly in the rehab. Sometimes, the patients overcoming addictions suffer through multiple seizures that cause fever and different types of physical discomfort. The physicians out there can reach them whenever they need.


  • They are offered with healthy and nutritious food on their ibogaine trip. Gradually, the centers focus on helping the addicts get back to the normal flow of life.

For both physical and mental treatment, ibogaine treatment is becoming significant that countries still not legalizing ibogaine should reconsider for the betterment of mankind.

Author’s Bio

Adam Rajba, a Ibogaine treatment provider at Iboga Tree writes on ibogaine treatment and how addicts can get rid of the obsession from the healing trip.

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