The Top Three Ways You can Lessen Your Exposure to Mobile Phone Radiation

Think about your mobile phone for a second. Make that a minute. Seriously. Your first thoughts may be that in the modern world we can’t live without it, or that you’d rather eat an airplane before giving up nifty inventions and developments such as Google and Facebook. Point taken. But there’s a serious danger that lurks with using your mobile phone too much – and it’s a problem that has been officially recognised by the WHO only recently: your mobile phone emits dangerous radiation in the form of EMF, which has been linked to a variety of serious illnesses such as cancer and multiple sclerosis. Whilst the hazards are still under study, it pays to protect yourself and act preventively. Here are the top three ways to lessen your exposure to cell phone radiation.

Start in your sleep

It may seem natural for most of us to place our mobile phone on the bedside table when we go to sleep, but this is actually too close for comfort if you’re health conscious. It’s completely unnecessary, and typically doesn’t serve any purpose except that it may seem convenient. However, by placing your phone so close to your head, your risk a potential of eight hours a day of exposure. Park your phone at a safer distance when you go to sleep – you might actually sleep much better.

Store your phone elsewhere

Many of us carry our mobile phones on our body – safely and conveniently tucked into a pocket. This may be handy since it’s within easy reach, but it’s too close to our physical self. Instead, store your mobile phone in a bag, some distance away.

Use earphones

The greatest radiation is emitted when the phone is used for making a call. Rather than holding the phone up to your ear, consider using earphones and holding the mobile device away from your body when talking.

Oh, and by the way – if you’ve ever been criticised because you’re texting too much, you now have a perfect rebuttal: yes, it may be a lot easier and simpler to simply give a call, but sending an SMS to your loved ones or friends is safer because it requires a lot less radiation from your phone. Making a call requires you to put your ear right next to the device for a prolonged time. Sending an SMS, on the other hand, keeps the mobile phone at a safer distance and results in far less EMF. The point is this: avoid electromagnetic frequency and harmful radiation by lessening the time of exposure and increasing your distance from the source. You can even take advantage of cell phone radiation protection devices. Small, practical measures that can make a big difference.

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