The 3 Major Ways To Prevent Prostate Cancer

In this article our aim is to let readers, in a simple and structured format, become more aware of what prostate cancer actually is and ways to limit your chances of developing it.

What is prostate cancer?

Prostate cancer is the most common cancer for men in the world, with over 40,000 new cases diagnosed in the UK alone every single year. If you aren’t sure what the prostate actually is, it’s a small gland found in the male pelvis, located amid the bladder and penis and ringing the urethra. The purpose of the prostate is assisting the production of semen. Being the element in your lower body which produces the white fluid which blends with the sperm composed by the testacies to produce semen.
According to prostate cancer experts London Urology Associates, the cause of prostate cancer is relatively unknown, although certain ethnic groups are more commonly diagnosed with the cancer. They have also noted that diet may be involved with the development of prostate cancer, along with hereditary elements e.g. if your dad or brother has had prostate cancer then you are more likely to be diagnosed.

What can you do to help prevent prostate cancer?

We have constructed a list of ways which you can decrease your chances of developing prostate cancer below.

Increase your intake of soybeans and green tea

Research shows that a natural nutrient named is of lavones are found in foods such as lentils, nuts, alfalfa sprouts, chickpeas and tofu, which is made from soybeans. Eating products such as these wont only help prevent the development of prostate cancer, but will also help you keep up a health defense to many diseases and future bodily problems which can occur with older age among a host of other cancers.
It should be noted that as well as these foods there is beneficial properties present in matcha green tea which is thought to help stop the prevention of prostate problems. With many health organisations claiming that people who drink green tea regularly are less likely to aquire prostate cancer.

Cut down your fat intake

There is many studies which support the fact that animal fat can have risks to help you develop prostate cancer. Although you should just be minimising the amount of meat that you intake, you should also be looking to decrease the amount of animal fat products such as lard, butter and cheese.
A healthy counter to avoiding these products which are high in animal fat is to replace them with plant-based fats. Here’s a little example of how you can make the switch. Replace butter with olive oil, fruit instead of sweats, nut and seed based cheeses instead of diary, fresh vegetables instead of proceeded and packaged vegetables. These simple changes will decrease your chances of gaining prostate cancer.

Don’t smoke, ever!

It isn’t a coincidence that a high number of patients who have been diagnosed with prostate cancer happen to smoke cigarettes. Although there are only theories to back-up this notion, there is some evidence that smokers who develop prostate cancer are more likely to an aggressive form of the cancer than a non-smoker based on statistics.
No matter of your age, you should never feel like it’s too late in your life to stop smoking. The health improvement you’ll notice in the first 3 years is enough to encourage you to stop lighting up.

Exercise is highly important

Having excess fat around your stomach has been linked to an increase chance of developing the risk of prostate cancer. If you counter this with regular exercise you’ll put down your weight and therefor decrease your chances of prostate cancer along with other cancers such as bladder.
Gaining the motivation to exercise can be tricky, although, if you manage to do some fun filled activities such as playing football, swimming, cycling and other sport based exercise you’ll forget about it being a task and slowly be doing these activities to enjoy yourself. Excising with friends to gain motivation and encouragement is highly recommended. This will increase your metabolism which will help your body become stronger if you ever need to fight off any problems which might arise.
If you ever notice some of the symptoms of prostate cancer then you must contact your doctor immediately to conduct tests.

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