Steroids And Legality – Where, Why And All That You Ought To Know

Steroids may be anabolic steroids or corticosteroids. Corticosteroids are prescribed by doctors to decreased swelling. There is no question of the legality of corticosteroids. The problem is with anabolic steroids that are used for muscle building and increasing testosterone.

 Why are anabolic steroids illegal in some countries?

It is because of the adverse effects that can affect your health. The side effects include infertility and gynecomastia in men, excessive body hair growth, and deepening of voice in women, increased risk of liver problems, heart diseases, baldness, and delusions etc.

Where is it legal to buy steroids?

  1. In countries like USA, Canada, Australia, Portugal, France, Argentina, Switzerland, Japan, Brazil, and Bulgaria etc. it is legal to buy steroids with prescription. It is not easy to obtain a prescription unless the doctor feels that your health condition cannot be treated without using steroids. It is prescribed for bone marrow stimulation, for gender reassignment and for preserving muscle mass of cancer and AIDS patients.
  2. In countries like Mexico, Thailand, Hong Kong, Columbia, India, Korea, Bahamas, Costa Rica, and Puerto Rico etc. it is legal to buy steroids with and without prescription.
  3. In countries like Sweden, Norway etc. steroids are completely illegal.

Where is it legal to possess steroids?

Steroid rules are very strict in USA. Possession of steroids is punishable by law. It is not so in Canada. You can possess enough steroids for personal use in Canada. If you have more steroids than what you need for personal use you will be punished by law.

Legality of steroids usage in professional sports


Many professional sportsmen and professional bodybuilders use steroids to enhance performance and to build muscles. However, using steroids is strictly illegal in all professional sports events. If drug abuse tests are positive, it may affect your career permanently because lifetime ban may be imposed.

What happens if you fail to comply with steroid laws in USA?

It can result in arrests, jailing, heavy fines, and permanent felony record. The leniency for first time offenders may vary from one state to another.

Why should you take the risk of using illegal steroids when you have supplements that are completely legal? They contain harmless ingredients and are 100% natural. They are not banned in any country because they are safe to use but they do help in improving performance and in building muscles.  Try one of the best among them.

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