Reproductive Health Advisory – Avoid These Common Condom Mistakes

Reproductive Health Advisory – Avoid These Common Condom Mistakes

Condoms are a crucial part of safe sex, and men (and ladies) must always insist upon with them. This rule is applicable to everybody, when they have been mutual partners or they’re inside a committed relationship. The only real exception for skipping the rubber is incorporated in the situation of the truly monogamous relationship, where each partner happen to be examined and also have develop a clear bill of health. When used properly, male condoms are the best way to safeguard an individual’s reproductive health however these mistakes can diminish the potency of the condom, resulting in potential serious penis health issues.

1) Storing condoms incorrectly. A typical practice of lots of men would be to have a condom within their wallet whatsoever occasions, “just just in case.” However, contact with body pressure and heat can break lower the fabric, growing the probabilities that it’ll break. Ditto to keep a box within the glove compartment. Condoms ought to be stored at 70 degrees, within their original packaging, to make sure that the fabric is seem and will act as expected. It’s also vital that you mind the expiration date, as condoms which are past their prime are more inclined to malfunction in an inopportune moment.

2) Improper application. Placing a condom on prior to the penis is fully erect, or using it thoroughly, can make it slip or break during use. Rubbers must only go on the penis that’s completely erect the reservoir in the tip ought to be pinched shut to squeeze out any air trapped inside (which again could raise the likelihood of breakage) and also the condom ought to be lightly unrolled completely to the bottom of the shaft.

3) Use in excess of one condom. It’s not uncommon for males to think that doubling on the condoms can increase the amount of protection actually, using two (or even more) at any given time leads to extra friction because they rub together, growing the danger that they’ll break during use.

4) Condom reuse. Condoms aim at one only use, period. Besides the unpleasantness involved with trying to use a condom which has already offered its purpose, this greatly increases the likelihood of infection if your partner is transporting an STD in addition, the fabric isn’t made to withstand repeated use.

5) Switching between parts of the body. Condoms will not be used in excess of one “entrance” they ought to always be altered when switching between dental, vaginal and rectal transmission to prevent multiplication of body liquids.

6) Switching between partners. For males who end up entertaining several partner at any given time, condoms ought to always be altered when switching in one to a different to prevent distributing any infections.

7) Selection of material. Latex condoms are the most typical, but men that have latex allergic reactions frequently search for options and men might also search for alternate materials with regard to experimentation. You should observe that condoms produced from animal materials don’t provide the same degree of protection as latex or memory, either from STDs or undesirable pregnancies.

8) Novelty condoms. A lot of couples like to test out colored, flavored or glow-in-the-dark condoms, but not every one of these provide the same protection like a standard condom and are meant for entertainment reasons only. You should browse the package label before depending on novelty products.

9) Selection of personal lubricant. It’s generally useful to utilize a personal lubricant plus a condom, only water-based lubes ought to be used for this function. Oil-based lubes, particularly, can rapidly break lower the latex and make it rupture.

10) Improper removal. When the fun has ended, your penis ought to be withdrawn and also the condom ought to be immediately removed. Waiting before the penis is flaccid may cause the condom to slide off within the partner.

After care for that penis

After any sexual contact, each partner should shower to get rid of any traces of body liquids that may have tucked through the condom, utilizing a mild cleanser to avoid irritation. Following the shower, men can follow-up having a specialized penis health cream (health care professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil). An item that contains a wealthy mixture of vitamins, amino chemicals and antioxidants might help nourish the fragile tissue of your penis, departing it soft, supple and prepared for the following encounter.

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