Reasons to Use Zafu when Meditating

Are you looking to learn meditation? If so, it could be useful to have a comfortable meditation cushion rather than just an ordinary pillow. A number of people make use of the Japanese meditation cushion called zafu that can be bought at Meditative Wisdom.

This cushion is used as a tool of practice. It serves in many ways to help you move along your path. Apart from offering support to the body, it also helps you feel comfortable as you meditate. Below are the main benefits of using zafus.

Create Proper Posture Every Day

In Eastern cultures, meditation has been practiced for many years as a way to find enlightenment and truth. These days, it has been embraced by a lot of western people as a way to relieve stress and strain in their lives every day. But, a lot of westerners find the conventional lotus sitting position on the bare ground quite strenuous on their legs and bottom so they use a zafu for greater comfort. A zafu is a special cushion that you can sit on while you meditate. It helps in maintaining the right posture and offer comfort for the bottom during the meditation session.


Fill Meditation Cushions

A zafu is made out of cotton fabrics that have natural fiber kapok filling. Zafus are available in various colors, sizes, designs and shapes to suit personal preference and taste. Also, they are made with removable covers to facilitate the laundering if the exterior becomes soiled. The conventional zafu is round but other shapes are now available to provide variation and comfort levels. Also, such cushions vary in thickness and size to adjust to the body and weight of the person for individualized comfort.

Diversity in Size and Thickness

Meditation cushions are designed for meditation with its kapok filling offering a firm but pliable surface to sit on for back posture and comfort. Also, the natural fibers are hypoallergenic and hygienic which makes them a great selection for people prone to allergies. Additionally the diversity in size and thickness can complement the body’s weight and size customizing the cushion to one’s exact specification. Every cushion is available with a cover which can also be bought separately. This cover can removed easily for washing if necessary.


Various Shapes

New styles of zafus include the crescent shape cushion made to offer extra space for the bottom. The cushion’s thickness can be self-adjusted by removing or adding kapok to the desired depth, offering additional padding for heavier set people or less for smaller boned and thinner people. People who desire for more height can go for support cushions to be placed under the zafu to raise the body to a higher level.

Meditation Chair can be Used as an Alternative

A number of individuals choose to use a meditation chair as they meditate. A person must feel free to use anything that is most comfortable for him and helps him in focusing on meditating to benefit from the experience. Meditation provides some amazing physical and mental benefits to the body no matter what seating arrangement is used.



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