Procedure of Laser Hair Removal Treatment

Unwanted facial and body hairs are bothering and if you also think the same and looking forward to a permanent solution, opting for laser hair removal treatment is the most sought after procedure. This is sophisticated and expensive but ensures maximum hair removal permanently. High-tech machines and equipment are used at the popular centers such as Satori laser offer improved laser hair removal. The technicians and staff at these centers are also amiable and well-mannered besides being well-trained and experienced. Choose any of the reliable centers to get rid of the unwanted hair from your face or body.

The step-by-step procedure of laser hair removal treatment

Shaving the area

You will be asked to shave the area the night before the laser treatment. If you are not willing to do it on your own, you can ask the therapist at the clinic to arrange the service. But make sure most clinics will charge for the service besides the actual rate of the laser hair removal service.


Mark the tattoos or moles

They will also mark your tattoos or moles with white pencils so that it can be easier to protect it from burning during the laser treatment. As laser doesn’t penetrate white, hence white pencils are used for marking the sensitive zones.

Patch test

Patch test is mandatory to make sure whether your skin is allergic to the laser or not. Usually, clinics using the state-of-art equipment and technique don’t let the patients suffer from similar issues until and unless they have very sensitive skin prone to rashes and allergies. In these rare cases, the therapists recommend waiting for a week or so before starting the treatment only to make sure that the skin doesn’t have a late reaction of the laser therapy.


Wearing safety goggles is a must

Wearing the specially created goggles for the laser treatment is mandatory for the patients along with the technicians. It protects the eyes from the rays with high energy and heat. If you are undergoing facial hair removal you will be given to wear a pair of white goggles and if it is about your body then you will be asked to wear black goggles.

Laser treatment

Now when everything is ready, the technician will apply a cooling spray on the area a few milliseconds before they fire the laser beam. You will feel the tingly feeling for the heat but it is not literally painful. Though the tolerance depends on person to person, but you will not experience intolerable pain.


At the end of each session the technicians cleanse the skin and apply Aloe Vera based gel with sun block elements. You will also be given the aftercare advice that you must follow to avoid any anticipated complications.

Stay away from the sun

For the next couple of days, you should try not to be in the bare sun without applying the cooling gel or sun block lotions. The gel will help the area to keep cool and protected from any infection or irritation.

This is how the centers offer laser hair removal treatments for a permanent solution to individuals.

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Over the last few years, Satori Laser has successfully offered a wide array of laser treatment services to modeling companies and individuals. Across NY, NJ, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania, the company is successfully running the chains of centers equipped with high-end machines and experienced technicians.

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