Picking a healthy diet plan to lose weight

In today’s world, where people seem to be overly obsessed with food, it is easily seen how every single person has at least tried one diet through out there lives. People today just cannot seem to understand that it is not just food that makes you the size you are but the amount you consume. Your body is not made to contain that much food and yet people seem to want to slam more of that food into there bodies until there bodies are sick and tired of it. You know that feeling you get when you just cant eat another bite? When you feel you just might explode? guess what… your not suppose to ever get to that. that is the limit your body has for food before it wants to throw it all back up.

Honestly though in today’s world this is not really that persons fault. It is in the since they do not have to eat it in the first place and eat so much of those bad unhealthy foods but it is not there faults because advertisers today teach it is ok to eat more then your body actually needs. Most people in turn to not really know better and I can understand why they do not exactly understand why they are getting so heavy. This is where my lesson comes in!

In order to kick that habit and get into better shape one must realize they have weight issues and be able to pick a diet that suits them best. Diets are not that fun when you have gone on living a life packed full of fatty foods. Trust me… I know how good those candy bars are… how good that midnight ice cream snack is. Nothing can really beat that! It is still ok to do this but people need to decrease the intake of those junk foods.


  • In order to lose weight try cutting down on your calorie intake. This is probably the biggest of them all. Calories are what make you gain all that ugly fat and lessening them help to decrease them. the average mail needs about 2500 cals a day in order to maintain his current weight. Sounds like a lot right? well the average hamburger from your fast food restaurant is about 800cals and up! so you can eat 3 of those a day and be at your limit. that is excluding drinks and treats! That may seem a little depressing but the healthier the food the more of it you can actually eat because it has less calories! a chicken breast has about 300 calories without the skin… trust me that will fill you up fast. The trick is to eat portions that seem large but have small amounts of calories.
  • Drink LOTS of fluids. The reason I say this is because you will be amazed at how full you can get from drinking a glass of water. You trying to not eat so much yet you feel starving and think you should wait another hour to eat? well drink a glass of water. That glass of water will expand your stomach and trick your body into thinking it is full. One thing that has proven to work wonders when it comes to this is a nice cold glass of tea. Not only does that make you feel so full and not want food. Tea is also very good for you. Drinking that tea will not only help you lose weight but also improve your health as well.
  • Eat fruits and vegetables. Some fruits and veggies are packed full of calories and sugar but they are in fact the good kind. Believe it or not there is more then one type of sugar and some of them are actually good for you. Any that are found in fruits will actually increase your health even more. Plus fruits can prove to be a very healthy tasty snack.


  • Eat small but more meals a day. Doing this is proven to increase the rate you burn calories and thus helping you lose weight. What I mean by this is the normal person today has about 3-2 meals a day. During these meals though they stuff themselves to the point of explosion and think that’s OK. Doing this not only is bad for you but decreases your metabolism drastically. if your body is constantly burning those calories it gets used to it and it gets better at it. its like working out a muscle. You do it once every so often and you will see no results what so ever. If you work that muscle out more often and keep it guessing it will grow stronger and stronger.
  • Ask a doctor. This is the most important one of them all. Asking our doctor for help with a diet will prove to work wonders. Your doctor is a professional on the body and can truly help you lose weight. not only because of his basic knowledge in the area but because he can tell you exactly how your body will react and is reacting to the different diets. All in all this is by far the most important when choosing a diet and figuring out a plan to lose that weight and get in shape.

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