Marketing with CRM Dealer Software

 Today’s auto dealership needs to do far more than simply talk that walk-in client into buying a car. For many dealerships they also have to find a way to move them from looking at cars online to actually buying one from that particular dealership. The old days of showrooms full of potential clients is a thing of the past. Today when a potential car buyer comes in at all, they usually have a batch of information clutched in their hands, ready to bargain you down. So how does any floor salesperson find the tools to help them compete on such a crowded marketplace? It all starts with that CRM Dealer software that your company is considering purchasing. It might be the smartest buy they have made all year.

CRM Dealer Software is All About the Data

Whether we are talking about leads from a variety of sources compiled into one big data dump or looking at old databases to combine stats on buying choices, it is all about the data today. Software programs have become much more sophisticated about how to pull relevant information on everything from regional buying habits to marketing trends from this data. This is the kind of information that can inform a dealership on what kind of cars to stock for their potential customers, what kind of behavior to expect from any given marketing campaign and even how to market to individual segments of the population such as first time buyers and multiple car families.

Integrating Old and New Information

This is one of the most important aspects of CRM software and yet it is probably the feature that many salespeople ignore. When a dealership takes the time to use their software to not only look at new data but integrate it with existing information, they can see trends over the long term. These can then identify such important details as lifecycle stages of the lead, which are true qualified leads and even look into behavior to identify dead leads and what created them. When taking this old information and comparing it to the new data, CRM Software can create a truly integrated system of tracking leads as they happen and then follow them for their entire lifecycle.

Tracking Behavior with CRM Software

When properly integrated with the dealership’s website, alerts can be created that tell a salesperson exactly when a potential client has gone on the site and which vehicles they are clicking on for information. Instead of the usual cold call that may even find that potential client at a meeting or away from their phone, you have them at the actual point where they are thinking about purchasing. This is one of the CRM software’s greatest strengths.

A call to a potential client at this point can often lead to a sale or a potential sale, all because of a follow-up email that included a link to the dealership site. That embedded link gives salespeople the ability to track leads, follow them online and call them when they know they are looking over site inventory. It’s the ultimate marketing tool for today’s auto dealership sales team.

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