Lose Weight And Keep It Off

If you are one of the millions of men and women who are a little overweight or even obese there are safe and effective ways for you to lose that unwanted weight. It seems as though every day someone introduces a new weight loss program. There has been so much written and said about how to lose weight that most of us are confused. In truth, losing weight is not all that complicated. Let us make a few suggestions that will help you lose weight and keep it off.

Before you start

Are you really overweight? Use a Body Mass Index to determine if you are really overweight. A (BMI) simply compares your weight to your height. You will know if you are carrying a healthy weight or it’s time to lose some pounds.

Set attainable goals. Be realistic in your timeframe. For example, if you only need to lose a few pounds, a month might be a reasonable timeframe. If you are realistic with your weight loss goals you are less likely to become discouraged and give up.

Reasons to lose weight

There are many reasons to lose weight. Of course there are those who want to lose weight for the upcoming class reunion or the summer bathing suit season, however, your health should be your number one reason. Severely overweight men and women are simply not healthy. It really doesn’t make much sense to go on a crash diet, lose a few pounds, go to the reunion and immediately gain the weight back. You can not only look good at your class reunion, but for the rest of your life, if you follow a few simple suggestions.

Eat well-balanced meals

Eating a big salad for lunch is not a good idea. Why? Because by mid afternoon you will be hungry and tempted to snack on unhealthy things like chips or cookies. We all like to snack from time to time so give all your unhealthy snacks away and replace them with healthy snacks such as trail mix, fruits or nuts.

Start a simple exercise program

You’ll notice we said simple exercise program. Walking briskly for 20 minutes a day is considered adequate to burn unwanted calories. If you have never exercised, start slowly and gradually increase the time you exercise. You might also consider using a supplement from someone like PhysIQ by LifeVantage to burn the unwanted fat even faster.

Watch what you drink

What you drink can actually be the main reason you gain weight. A can of soda can have as high as 150 calories. Combine that with a Mocha Latte every day, average 420 calories, and you can gain as much as a pound a week. How about alcohol? A single gram of alcohol contains 7 calories, you do the math. Water is your new best friend. You can actually lose weight by limiting your liquid intake to water only.

By following this simple program and working with someone like PhysIQ by LifeVantage you will lose weight safely and keep it off.

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