Learn about Online Training to Become a Phlebotomist

Some of the most secure career paths that you will find are in the medical field because there will always be a need for people to care for the sick or injured. If you are interested in a medical career, there are many jobs that do not require a college degree. One of these positions is a phlebotomist.

What Is a Phlebotomist?

A phlebotomist is someone who is trained to do blood draws when a doctor orders lab tests, or for medical procedures. They may be employed by a hospital, a clinic, at a doctor’s office or at a blood donation center. However, some nurses also perform phlebotomies when necessary.

What Education Is Required for Phlebotomists?

In most states, phlebotomists are required to be certified, with the certifying bodies being the National Phlebotomy Association and the American Society of Phlebotomy Technicians. In order to complete certification, membership in one of these societies may be required, as well as some work experience. For states that do require certification for phlebotomists, they are required to recertify on occasion, sometimes every year.

Many people who work as phlebotomists do obtain an associate’s degree, while others go on to earn a bachelor’s degree in medical technology. People interested in this career can get training at technical colleges that specialize in medical training. There are classes online for those who may not live near schools where phlebotomy programs are available. Phlebotomy Examiner is an online site that provides would-be phlebotomists with the information they need about training in this career.

Phlebotomy Examiner

How Online Certification Works

Becoming a phlebotomist requires a combination of hands-on training and classroom instruction. When you take the courses in a classroom setting, it takes about four to eight months to become certified in the profession. However, for people who may be employed full-time and have families, it isn’t always convenient for them to attend classes on campus.

Online training is available for phlebotomy for people who need an alternative way to get the education they want. The best courses will provide online instruction about the body, the process of venipuncture, or drawing blood, and safety procedures. They will also arrange for students to get supervised, hands-on training drawing blood so they can graduate from the course with actual field experience.

Choosing an Online Class

When you are looking for an online phlebotomy program, you will want to read the descriptions carefully to find a program that not only offers hands-on training, but that is accredited as well. Accreditation is very important because some employers, and certification associations, will not recognize programs that are not accredited. You will also want to search for a program that offers certification.

If you take coursework that does not offer certification and your state requires you to be licensed or certified, then you will have to take additional classes. These classes are specifically designed for you to prepare for the licensing or certification exam that is required by your state. Finding a phlebotomy program online that is both accredited and offers certification can help you save both time and money.

There are many benefits for people who take online classes to become a phlebotomist. They can save time because they don’t need to travel back and forth to a school to attend classes. This also saves money, because they won’t need to spend extra money on gas for their vehicles. In addition, people can study when they have time, which may be in the middle of the night after children are in bed or first thing in the morning before going to work.

How Much Will You Pay for Online Classes?

There are several online programs that are available for would-be phlebotomists. You can expect to pay anywhere from $300 to $700. Many of the less expensive classes do not offer a hands-on training component, which is critical if you live in a state where certification is required. You will usually pay closer to $700 for programs that offer supervised hands-on training, but you will still save money over taking phlebotomy classes at a school.

When you choose an online program, be sure toread the description of the class carefully, because there are two types of online training. One is an entry-level program for people who want to become phlebotomists, and the other is for professional phlebotomists who need to take courses to get recertified. The description of the program should help you find the right type of program for your needs.

Most technical schools that offer phlebotomy classes charge between $700 to $1,400, which may or may not include textbooks and lab fees. If you decide that classroom training fits your needs, then consider the programs available to you. As you would for online training, make sure the program is accredited and offers certification, but look at what your fees pay for as well.

How Much Do Phlebotomists Make?

Becoming a phlebotomist can help you achieve job security, which is rare these days because there will always be a need for trained medical technicians. Whether you work in a hospital setting or at a blood donation center, skilled professionals will always be needed to take blood samples for testing or to help people donate blood and plasma to others. The salary for a phlebotomist will depend on where you live, as some states, such as California, offer higher salaries.

The median income for a phlebotomist in the United States is approximately $32,000 per year. Although some phlebotomists may earn $40,000 or more per year, that largely depends on their experience and where they live. An entry-level phlebotomist may earn closer to the bottom end of the scale, which is over $22,000, again depending on where you live.

If you want a career that provides a steady income, then working as a phlebotomist may be the right fit for you, especially if you enjoy working with and helping people.


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