How To Decide On The Thickness Of Your Yoga Mats?

If you are into yoga, you certainly need to invest in a yoga mat. Apart from offering the basic cushioning, yoga mats also offer support and protection for all the moves. Also, if you are keen on practicing anywhere out in the open or even in a small space, mats are just perfect to get started. Gone are times when mats for yoga were designed in blue. Today, you have a wide range of choices, including designs, thickness and texture. Now, one of the major considerations before you buy a yoga mat is the thickness. In this post, we will talk of the simple elements in making the right choice.

Understanding the need

The thickness of most yoga mats range between 1/16 inch and 1/4 inch, but the kind of thickness you need depends on where you are going to practice your sessions. Basically, the whole purpose of having a mat is to enhance the cushioning effect, mainly for the knees and spine. Thickness is also very crucial for maintaining a connection with the floor, so that the basic poses, which demand firm strength of feet, are easily done. In fact, most people don’t realize the kind of precise support they need for standing poses.


Choosing an option

Most of the common available vinyl mats come with a standard thickness of 1/8 inch, which is great for those willing to practice over grass or any kind of carpeted floors. You can also skip vinyl options if you are up for natural and eco friendly options. Cotton and jute mats may be unconventional, but these are best when you are looking for more support and want to practice on hard surfaces.  Also, the thickness may also impact how the mat slides on the floor, so make sure you don’t buy something that moves too much. At the end of the day, grip for the hands and feet is extremely essential for doing the poses with confidence, and it shouldn’t be compromised for anything.


Buying online

You will find plenty of options for yoga mats on the web, but make sure that you read a few details before making the final choice. There are many websites where you can also find yoga mat reviews, which can give a brief idea of what to expect in terms of results. Along with thickness, do check the maintenance requirements of the mat. Cotton mats are often skipped by buyers, simply because they need to wash it time and again. Look for quality options that can be cleaned with a damp cloth. Machine washable mats aren’t a great choice either, because these aren’t thick enough to cushion the body. Also, do not go for natural rubber mats that are often cheap but can be allergic to some people.


Read a few reviews; understand the space you have for storage and where you are going to use the mat more frequently before finally choosing an option. Check the right stores now to get good offers and discounts!

Author Bio: Emily Jones is known for being passionate about yoga and Pilates and she also has a studio, where she imparts classes. Other than fitness, she is also into writing.


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