Getting A Massage – Things You Should Know

The word massage may have come from Arabic maseh meaning to touch, or feel, or to cover the part with your hands. Massage is a kind of pressure given on soft tissues of the body, which can be structured or unstructured. The pressure may be applied manually or through mechanical aids. Pressure is applied with bare hands and fingers, feet, elbows, knees or with a device.

E has been around for thousands of years. Most facilities give a choice of massage styles to their customers. There are various ways of giving massage. One can choose from among more than 80 varieties of massage styles or massage therapies available. These styles vary in the techniques, the amount of pressure and the kind of movements used to give massage. All these styles involve some kind of pressure applied to body tissue.

Massage therapy is very popular in western countries like Europe and America, but it is also very widespread in affluent mid-eastern countries like Saudi Arabia, and turkey.

Massage Styles differ from one another in the range of strokes applied to body. There are short percussive strokes to long smooth strokes.

Some massage therapists use oils/lotions, others do not use anything.

The time may vary from 5 minute massage to 2 hours massage.

The kind of massage you chose should depend on why you want a massage. A massage for relaxation and stress control will be different from a massage given to relieve you from pain, or injury related massages.


You can find out about various massage styles available from

Contact sacred moments massage, if you decide to go for a massage treatment. Here you will be explained by expert massage therapists, the suitable massage for your needs depending on your age, your condition, and your requirement, from the available massages.

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There many popular massages for health benefits. Among them are

Swedish massage, is a relaxing stress relieving therapy massage, which is most popular in America today. It is given in long soft kneading strokes, and light tapping strokes on top layers of muscles.


Neuromuscular massage therapy aims to cure pain through muscles and nerves, by addressing trigger points and nerve compression.

Deep tissue massage is used to get rid of painful trouble spots by using slow deliberate pressure strokes to muscle mass, tendons, and other deep tissues under the skin.

There are many other massages to address specific problems, which should be chosen according to need.

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