Five Massive Benefits of Steam Showers For Better Health

Steam baths have been around since Roman times and have been used to treat a range of ailments from respiratory problems to arthritis.  Steam showers enclose a person in warm and relaxing air that, unlike the dry sauna air, is easy on your respiratory system.  The moist, warm air penetrates into your joints and muscles to lessen pain and relieve stress.  Continue reading for the 5 top benefits that a steam shower can provide for you.

Clear your skin

Taking a steam shower twice a week can drastically improve the look of you skin over time.  The gentle steam unclogs your pores and releases dirt and grime trapped deep within.  The perspiration caused by the steam shower pushes dead skin, dirt and bacteria to the surface of your skin where it can be washed clean.  Your skin will become clear of blackheads, congestion bumps and pimples with extended practice.

Treat infections

Respiratory infections can be healed by regular use of steam showers.  Laryngitis or sinus infections are treated by the warm, damp, heated air that opens up your airways to soothe inflammation.  Your comfort level will increase as sickness duration decreases.

Blood circulation increases

A natural way to boost blood circulation in your body is to use a steam shower regularly.  This causes more oxygen to be circulated to your cells and lessens the risk of hardened arteries and hypertension.  Muscle function is also increases and more blood moves through the heart, decreasing fatigue and exhaustion.

Steam Showers For Better Health

Fight stress

This may be the most sought after reason that people buy steam showers.  Reducing stress, both mental and physical is a major draw because who wants to feel anxious and tired?  Steam showers increase circulation to release muscle tightened and the warm air releases positive endorphins in your brain to relax and revive your body.

Boost your metabolism

Through regular steam shower sessions, your body’s metabolism can be gradually raised which aids in weight loss.  The warm air increases circulation and stimulates the lymphatic system.  Combined with a healthy diet and lifestyle, steam showers can lead to a slimmer, trimmer, healthier you.

The bonus?  Steam showers can act just like regular showers for your day-to-day usage but have the added benefit of being a therapeutic tool when it’s time to relax.  When it comes time to upgrade your bath or if you want to make a change to a healthier lifestyle, consider adding a steam shower to your routine.  You wont regret it, not even for a second.

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