Facts to know about Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Obesity is an increasing syndrome in almost everywhere across the globe. If you are suffering from excessive weight gain problem and is not getting effective benefits from the usual diets and exercising click here to know more on the gastric sleeve surgery.

This has been the one-stop bariatric surgery that England accepted since 2002 as a primary mode of weight loss treatment. Over the years, the Gastric Sleeve surgery also known as Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy, Greater Curvature Gastrectomy, Vertical Gastroplasty, Parietal Gastrectomy, Sleeve Gastroplasty, and Gastric Reduction has been proved to be a quite safer and effective way to control weight.

If unfortunately you are increasing weight and are already diagnosed with obesity, opting for this bariatric surgery under the recommendation of the doctor along with the proper diet can help you get back to the normal phase of life. With controlled appetite and reducing weight, you will definitely feel much fit and fabulous than before.

Know a couple of facts about the surgery before you make up your mind to opt for that—


  • Popularly known as the “sleeve” treatment/surgery; people diagnosed with excessive BMI and obesity are prescribed to opt for this treatment. This is a treatment where the patients are asked to control weight with a proper gastric sleeve diet guide that is provided by the doctors/dieticians before they are taken for the surgery.
  • The gastric sleeve surgery is a standalone bariatric method that has been increasingly adopted by the patients with BMI issues. Approximately 60-80% of the stomach is reduced with laparoscopy surgical technique.


  • People getting fatter have a tendency to eat more. This surgery is undergone to reshape the stomach into a thin tube or more like a banana. In the post-surgery stage as the stomach looks like a sleeve- the surgery is thus named as gastric sleeve surgery.
  • With the reduced stomach, people don’t feel like eating much as they start feeling full after a few bites. The tendency and the cravings for eating more reduce with gastric sleeve surgery. Hence, people suffering from excessive weight gain issues get excellent results after having this surgery. Along with reducing weight, they also enjoy a disease free life that people with normal BMIs mostly enjoy.
  • As per a recent review on a clinical test, the stomach produces a hormone named GHRELIN that is the culprit behind making people hungry and also slows down the normal metabolism along with reducing the usual ability of the body to burn fat. This is a huge problem for the obese people. Therefore, during the gastric sleeve surgery, the portion of the stomach that produces the GHRELIN is cut off so that the hormone can no more hamper the metabolism of the patients and also not indulge into overeating.


The gastric sleeve surgery has become one of the primary treatments for people in their medical tours. Along with the US, UK, India etc- Mexico, Costa Rica, etc places are also coming up with affordable packages for the people looking forward to medical tourism and also lose weight.

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Over the past few years, gastric sleeve surgery has become one of the most adopted bariatric treatments helping millions of people suffering from obesity. Marcel Pumaign offers solutions and information on gastric sleeve surgery through blogs and articles.

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