Don’t Let Anything Get in the Way of your Fitness Goals

Everyone knows the health benefits that come along with exercise.  And we all know that it does not take too much physical activity to reap a little of these benefits—but you have to commit to exercising regularly: several times a week for at least 30 minutes a day.

Of course, many people have trouble making this commitment.  There are many reasons people have trouble making the commitment, but the biggest excuse people make is that there is no time.

Indeed, the number one excuse people make for not working out is that there simply isn’t enough time in the day/week.  Yes, most of us busy—many working multiple jobs and/or tending to a family—but the reality is that it doesn’t take much to increase your physical activity.  If you truly are not sure you can commit a full-time workout schedule at Multi Gym Montreal you can easily make time.


Whether you just want to take an hour and watch the next episode of The Voice or your kids truly demand all of your attention it can often feel like you don’t have time but a lot of these reasons are just excuses.  Yes, your kids may be rambunctious; but you can wear them down a little by taking some time to play with them outside.  While it may seem like you are losing time in doing so, you will find that while they nap you can be more effective in your day.  Similarly, you can always do simple cardio or even some core workouts while watching television.


Yes, exercise can be boring; but it doesn’t have to be.  Again, you could do a simple workout while watching your favorite television show.  Some new fitness companies, though, are incorporating technology with exercise, allowing their members to hike the Arizona desert or climb the Swiss Alps from the safety of a gym.

Similarly, you can also join a sports club, league, or team.  Joining a soccer, volleyball, softball, or even tennis club can not only encourage you to exercise, but will also increase your social circle—which can continue to motivate your health and fitness goals.


While scheduling time to exercise might seem inconvenient, you may find that you have more opportunities to increase activity. Park a little further from the mall or the grocery store.  Take a bus to work part of the way and then walk the rest of the way.  Be proactive in the way you run errands and you may find that you don’t have to drive to the post office; for example, you could pocket your mail and run the two miles instead.

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