Development of performance enhancing supplements

Since time unknown naturally produced hormones in the human body has played a major role in its effective functioning. Over several decades extensive research work has been conducted to explore the beneficial effects of these compounds and the ways to include them manually in the body in case of any deficit or for availing extra benefits. One of the most popular and effective male hormone is the testosterone responsible for remarkable development on the human body, especially during adolescence and puberty. From this naturally produced supplement all other products have been developed and this has helped in the segregation of anabolic-androgenic effects of these performance enhancing supplements.

Purchasing under medical prescription

Most people fail to demarcate the difference between a controlled and a banned substance which is why they prefer to refrain the use of such product. Actually, a controlled substance can be purchased only under the prescription of a licensed medical practitioner and from authorized dealers only. Implementation of such legal provision not only helps to procure legal and genuine products but also shows the results that are possible. However, there are certain terms and conditions which a purchaser needs to satisfy in order to be allowed to legally procure the product from the market.

The most frequently asked question when it comes to using performance enhancing supplements is whether the product searched for is available legally in the market. The next question that arises in the mind of potential customers is the appropriate place from where this product can be purchased legally. The US authorities passed the Steroid Control Act in 1990 to include anabolic supplements in the list of controlled substance and this began to be followed by many countries. While most users wrongly interpret such legislation to mark such substance as illegal they are very easily available in the open market for sale.

Combating withdrawal syndrome

There are certain severe impacts of rapid withdrawal of performance enhancing compounds, especially when taken for more than a couple of weeks. This is usually referred to as the withdrawal syndrome resulting in complications like joint pain, fatigue, muscle tenderness, muscle stiffness and the like. These symptoms are quite common to the daily ailments faced by a normal person not on supplements. This is the reason why it is recommended to taper the dosage levels slowly before withdrawing from a particular compound completely.

There are certain precautionary measures that must be taken to avoid facing any sever impacts out of the use of such supplements, the first and the foremost consideration including consultation with a professional health-care physician to successfully withdraw from its use. Under medical care even if a side-effect is faced that requires immediately stopping the intake of such compound it is better not to discontinue its consumption and slowly reduce the dosage level as prescribed. Titrating the dosage level shows the results that are possible but it is always better to face the minor side-effects than facing any adverse impact upon immediate withdrawal.

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