Arthritis Gloves: What are they for?

Some people suffer from the pain caused by arthritis. This condition results from the inflammation of the joint distinguished by warmth, swelling and redness. In rare cases, it can cause serious bones degeneration. People can have arthritis in the wrists, fingers and hands. Arthritis impacts how an individual can live life while losing plenty of dexterity in his hands. Those who suffer from various forms of arthritis usually search for many kinds of treatment which will diminish the pain and stiffness that comes with the condition.

Arthritis gloves are among the latest innovations to treat arthritis. Those who have tried using the gloves experienced a restoration of some of their mobility level to the fingers and reduction of discomfort. The gloves are made for treating all kinds of arthritis including rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. The best of these gloves can be found at

Arthritis Gloves Mechanism

The gloves are designed in a way which aids patients in getting relief from pain and any type of symptoms which are likely to occur. With these gloves, patients can easily work without pain. Arthritis gloves work on heat which can help in avoiding any type of arthritis symptoms. The gloves provide compression to the body. Their interior work as a cushion for swollen joints and to keep healing comforts and balms used to be connected to the skin’s surface.


Kinds of Arthritis

Arthritis comes in two kinds which affect the majority of people.

  • Osteoarthritis- This degenerative disease impacts the cartilage between the joints, thus, there is less cushioning and more fiction. Such causes plenty of pain.
  • Rheumatoid arthritis- This autoimmune disease has no real cure. It also impacts the joints and tends to create more inflammation.


What to Expect from Arthritis Gloves

Arthritis gloves can help people who have arthritis, hand injuries and joint pain by offering:

  • Mild compression- The gloves help in controlling inflammation.
  • Warmth- This makes muscles and tendons more elastic and pliable.
  • Cushion pad- This is meant for the joints and the hand.

Buying the Best Arthritis Gloves

When purchasing arthritis gloves, there are many factors to look for.

  • Fabric– It is important to consider the glove’s fabric when choosing these gloves. Gloves made of breathable fabric will not make the hands hot. Although some warmth can help with pain, arthritis gloves that are not made of breathable fabric can easily get uncomfortable and sweaty. A number of gloves are made from a mix of bio-ceramic fiber and premium-quality cotton which help in avoiding skin irritation from overheating or prolonged use.


  • Fit-Great arthritis gloves must fit properly in order to offer the compression an individual needs to relieve his arthritis pain. Mild compression minimizes hand swelling and stiffness and warms them by increasing the circulation of blood. Well-fitting gloves tend to encourage the hands’ small capillaries and veins and dilate them, facilitating nutrients and oxygenated blood to reach the affected hand areas.
  • Function-Arthritis gloves can also be non-compressive. The gloves promote full thumbs and fingers use. But they don’t provide the benefits of compression gloves.

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