Alternative Medicine Schools

Alternative Medicine Schools

Alternative treatment schools are educational facilities where the processes and practices of non-Western medicine are trained and disseminated. This can be a valuable accessory for the industry. There are a variety of colleges in america, that provide education in a variety of branches of alternative treatment including degree programs in holistic healthcare, naturopathy, Chinese herbology and medicine, acupuncture, diet, clinical counseling, psychology, spiritual psychology, Avurveda and much more.

Three the well-known alternative schools are Five Branches Institute, College and Clinic of Chinese Medicine, The College of Bridgeport College of Naturopathic Medicine an Southwestern College.

Five Branches Institute, College and Clinic of Chinese Medicine situated in Santa Cruz and San Jose, California emphasizes traditional Chinese medical theory and diagnosis, acupuncture, herbology and Western Medicine. They provide a Master’s program in addition to Doctorate levels.

The College of Bridgeport College of Naturopathic Medicine situated in Connecticut honours a Doctoral of Naturopathic Medicine to students who complete 4 years of study. Naturopathic prescription medication is a method of primary healthcare that practices prevention, diagnosis and dealing with conditions from the human body and mind.

Southwestern College in Tempe, Arizona produces an all natural method of learning, counseling and psychology. According to psychodynamic, cognitive-behavior, humanistic, systemic and transpersonal psychology, each theory is used to students’ personal transformation and professional development.

The eye in alternative treatment has motivated many medical schools to include complementary alternative medical (CAM) courses for their curriculums. It is quite apparent that people are seeing doctors who not just practice traditional medicine, but alternative treatment too.

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