5 Ways You Can Improve Your Fat Burning Success

With summer just around the corner, it is that time of the year again, where now is the best time to get into shape so you can enjoy those summer outings without having to wear a jumper to cover up all those curvy body shapes. Keeping that in mind, we have found 5 different and effective ways that you can improve your fat burning success, so that you can look your absolute best this summer!

1 High Intensity Interval Training

Yes I know that sounds like a mouth full, so from now on we are going to call High Intensity Interval Training by its acronym, HIIT. HIIT for those that aren’t already aware is a form of training that is quick to finish but intense. There is some promising research around HIIT saying that it is indeed better than traditional cardio (like on the bike or treadmill). What I like about it, is the HIIT is a workout that lasts only 20 minutes, but burns fat like you have been working out for 45 mins. It is extremely good for fat burning and is definitely worth a try.

2 Train With Weights

Apparently if you are not performing strength training when you are burning fat and losing weight then you run the risk of burning muscle. You need muscle to have a sexy and toned body! By performing strengthening exercise (basically exercises with weights) you are telling your body to hold on to all that muscle, because you need it!

3 Fat Burner

Support your healthy diet and exercise routine with a fat burner. They will help further your fat burning goals with also reducing the degree at which you feel hungry. Basically, Fat burners can help with appetite control and also assist with mood swings. Both hunger and mood swings are a big factors to emotional eating which is something that you will want to avoid, especially when attempting to burn more fat. You can find fat burners and other fat burning supplements at www.supplementexpress.com.au.

4 Exercise In The Morning On An Empty Stomach

Research has shown that by exercising in the morning before eating breakfast you can increase the amount of fat burnt burning a workout, while additionally increase your metabolism throughout the day. All that is required is the you go out for 10 minute run, 15 minute jog or 25 minute walk just before you eat breakfast and you should see more fat burnt on the scales within the next week.

5 Avoid Sugar

Sugar is the devil when it comes to your fat burning effort. Studies have shown that an increase in sugar can actually increase the feeling to eat and can sustain hunger for longer than usually. When we do need sugars in our diet, try to avoid overeating them. Avoid sugary drinks like soda and orange juice. If you must have sugar, it is seen as being better for your fat burning goals if you eat a whole orange instead of its squeezed juice. The fiber within the orange helps to delay the release of sugar into the body which can work toward your fat burning goals.

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